Learn football skills – 3 skill moves that look crazy but are actually simple! In this football skills tutorial video PWG teaches you 3 skills that look flashy but can be achieved relatively easily. Learning football skills takes a lot of time and we all want to become masters of ball control, but sometimes the coolest skill moves take years to master. In this video you will learn how to pull off 3 skills that can be mastered quite easily while still looking like a boss! Watch the full football skills tutorial now to learn 3 skills that look crazy but are actually simple to master!

PWG is a professional freestyler who’s somewhat of a master when it comes to amazing football skills and in today’s episode he will teach you 3 skill moves that don’t require years of practice. The first skill is the Two-foot Jump. You start off with the ball between your ankles, jump up and release the ball while in mid-air. The great thing about this football skill move is that you dont even have to know how to juggle the ball as you can simply finish the trick by catching the ball with your hands! The second skill in this video is the Shirt Catch. This is a popular football skill move that freestylers use in shows as it look quite funny – which is something audiences always love. To master the shirt catch, kick the ball in the air and use your knee as a bouncing pad in order to catch the ball underneath your shirt. Make sure you’re wearing a loose-fitting t-shirt, otherwise it will be almost impossible to master the shirt catch! The last trick in this football skills tutorial is unofficially called the Butt Kill. Instead of trying to kill the ball with a regular touch, when a ball is flying high towards you, you sit down over the ball and kill it with your butt! It sounds funny and looks really nice when you pull it off. To see all the football skills in this video, make sure to watch the full episode now for all the tips and tricks on how to master 3 skill moves that look crazy but are actually easy to pull off!

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