Learn passing football skills – tips and advice on how to master the art of passing the ball in football. In this episode Joltter goes through 3 essentials tips and steps you can follow to improve your passing football skills. Passing the ball is obviously one of the fundamentals of any football skills out there, and mastering the different techniques and principles of passing the ball is something all football players should strive to learn. Being able to pass the ball in many different ways, with both feet, makes you a much better football player and being a great passer is a football skill every coach in the world loves to see from their players! Watch the full video now to learn passing football skills and get some great tips and tricks on how you can improve your passing game!

The most important thing for you to master in order to be considered a great passer of the ball is the 3 essential passing techniques: the inside of the foot pass, the outside of the foot pass and The Ping, aka long pass. If you learn those 3 passing techniques and can execute them all with both feet, you are at a great starting point. It’s important for us to notice that before you even get started practicing you passing football skills, you need to make sure you understand the amount of hard work and repetition it takes: you need the be committed to practicing your passing skills thousands of times, every single day for the rest of your football career. Many young players dont seem to understand the level of competition in the modern game, and in order for you to stand out from all the other young talented players, you simply cant afford to give other young footballers the edge over you. The next step in becoming a master at passing the football is to start improving your decision making: where should you place your pass, which foot should you aim towards when passing the ball to your teammate and what is the appropriate weight of the ball in that specific situation. To catch all the tips and tricks on what you can do to learn and improve your passing football skills, make sure to watch the full tutorial now!

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