Football skills most people can’t do – can you perform these football skills? In this video PWG shows you 5 rare football skills that most people in the world can’t do. Many of the football skills in this video could be considered “upgrades” of more commonly seen skill moves, such as upgrading a regular Around The World (ATW) to Lemmens Around The World (LATW) which is basically going around the ball with your leg twice without touching the ball in between. To see all 5 rare football skills most people in the world cant do, make sure to check out the full video now – we promise you will learn a thing or two about awesome football skills!

In this video PWG shows you 5 rare football skills: LATW, Spinning Head Stall, New Shit, Sole Juggling and Blind Clipper. These skill moves are difficult and require tons of practice in order to master them, and in this video PWG not only shows you the football skills but also gives you tips on how you can learn these skill moves. Watch the full video now to not miss out on any of the cool & rare football skills!

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