3 tips to improve your free kick skills – learn free kick skills and how to score more free kick goals. In today’s video Joltter gives you 3 tips on how to improve your free kicks with a little extra advice from David Beckham, one of the best free kick takers of all time. These 3 tips will make you a better free kick taker and help you score more free kick goals in football matces – just make sure that after watching this video, you go out to the pitch to practice your free kicks, otherwise you will not get better! This video will show you 3 ways on how to improve and learn new free kick skills that will directly help you score more free kick goals in football matches.

The first free kick tip is to record and analyze your free kicks. When you go out to practice free kicks, take your phone with you and record all the shots you take. After your free kick session, go through the footage and try to spot differences in your technique, body positioning or ball contact. Watching yourself taking free kicks can be extremely helpful in becoming a better free kick specialist as you might notice lots of things you can correct and do better in order to score more free kick goals! Even David Beckham reveals in the video that he always made adjustments and tried different things when it comes to his iconic free kicks – so you should give it a try aswell. Free kick tip number two is to get a second shooter behind the ball when you get a free kick in a match. By having both left and right-footed shooters behind the ball, the goalkeeper won’t know how the ball is going to come towards the goal. In general, as a free kick taker you always want to confuse the goalkeeper in order to score more free kick goals, and getting a second shooter behind the ball is a great tool in making your free kicks more unpredictable. The last free kick tip in this video is to every now and then surprise the goalkeeper by shooting the free kick towards the “goalkeeper’s corner”. In most cases, free kick takers simply try and bend the ball over the wall where the goalkeeper is not standing and many times the goalkeepers even “anticipate” the shot by taking one small step towards the corner they are NOT covering – and surprising the goalkeeper by aiming your free kick towards the goalkeeper’s corner might catch him off-guard and the result is you scoring a free kick in a match!

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