Gareth Bale free kick tips for knuckleballs. Learn how to shoot like Gareth Bale and improve your football skills. In today’s video we interview Gareth Bale and ask him questions on his free kicks, shooting technique and knuckleballs to try and find out more about Bale’s football skills. Gareth Bale is known for his top spin and knuckleball free kicks and hopefully this interview will help you with your football skills and make you a better player. In the interview with Joltter, Bale talks about Champions League and why Real Madrid has done so well in the tournament in the last years, what his thoughts on the iconic Champions League footballs are and his legendary bicycle kick goal in the Champions League final against Liverpool. Joltter ends the interview with questions about knuckleball free kicks – a football skill that so many young kids are dying to learn. Gareth Bale reveals that he got interested in learning the knuckleball technique as it looked cooler and nicer than a regular curve free kick – and that in order for you to master the knuckleball, you need to try and shoot the ball with as little spin as possible. Knuckleball is an amazing football skill to have in your locker and in this interview you will get to hear advice from one of the best players in the world, Gareth Bale – so make sure to watch our Gareth Bale interview and pay close attention to his pro tips and advice!

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