adidas Predator 18+ football boots. The adidas Predator is back – after 2,5 years away from the main stage, adidas have brought back their most iconic football boots silo. The Predator 18+ is here to give you the perfect fit and masterful control thanks to a newly engineered Primeknit upper, a Purecut sock and a super soft toebox with knitted 3D ridges to make the adidas Predator 18+ football boots a brilliant cocktail for the midfielders who control the game. The adidas Predator 18+ will be worn by elegant maestros such as Paul Pogba and Mesut Özil and will bring back the iconic football boots silo that was famously introduced in 1994 by adidas. Being a major part of football boot history, the adidas Predator is now back in its newest form, ditching the rubber elements, the tongue and the k-leather toebox but instead giving you a laceless football boot for maximum control on the ball.


With the new adidas Predator 18+ football boots, adidas are aiming to give you the best, most personal fit. Gone is the loose sock around your ankle from the adidas ACE17+ PURECONTROL and instead you get at completely personal fit in the Predator 18+ around the ankle. It will also provide a much better lockdown on your foot thanks to the tighter heel counter and forged knit around the midfoot, and in general the Predator 18+ football boots will give you both comfort, fit and a masterful touch on the ball. In todays video JayMike will tell you how it performs on the pitch and break down to you why you should spend the 300€ on the brand new adidas Predator 18+ football boots.

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