How I got 380 pairs of football boots for free – and how you can too. Over his 10 years at Unisport, JayMike has built a big, big boot collection thanks to a lot of the boots he’s had for testing and making videos – and today, he’ll take you through the story of how he built the collection of 387 pairs of football boots and gives you tips on how you can potentially get free football boots as well. In today’s video, you will hear how JayMike got a lot of free football boots in relation to his work at Unisport doing reviews, play tests and much more, and why free football boots actually aren’t *free* – to JayMike, they’re more a tool to deliver the best reviews on YouTube to you guys.


Also, our resident boot nerd has bought a lot of football boots himself over the years, adding to the insane collection of match worn football boots. So while the 380+ pairs of football boots haven’t in fact been given to JayMike for free, it goes to show that if you work with football boots, you will get to try a lot of them – and if you’re smart and build yourself a following on social media, you can, too. So start posting stuff that’s related to YOUR passion around football, and make sure that it’s YOUR OWN content, as simply just reposting doesn’t make you unique – and if you do well enough and people like the pictures of football boots you post, who knows; you might one day yourself get football boots for free. UNTIL THEN, you can buy all your football boots from our store at

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