Sadio Mane teaches his favorite football skill moves. In this video Liverpool FC & Senegal striker Sadio Mane teaches Joltter his two favorite football skill moves he loves to use in actual games. Sadio Mane is known for his speed and technique on the pitch and you can learn football skills from a professional footballer by watching this video! The first skill move Mane showed Joltter is a simple stepover variation, and his other favorite skill move is a simple body feint. These football skill moves are highly effective in football games and Sadio Mane uses them all the time when playing for Liverpool in the Premier League against the best defenders in the world! Besides showing Joltter his best football skill moves, Sadio Mane also sat down for an interview with Joltter to discuss why Liverpool are such an amazing attacking team and Mane also speaks about his New Balance Furon 4.0 football boots. Watch this video right now if you want to learn to play football like a pro as Sadio Mane from Liverpool FC teaches you his two favorite football skill moves!

Sadio Mane was speaking to us at New Balance Football’s launch of the new Furon 4.0 and Tekela 1.0 boots at Liverpool’s Academy. The Furon 4.0 is made for Unstoppable attackers who play with speed, power and precision – just like Sadio Mane. Tekela 1.0 is made for Untouchable playmakers, who are fearlessly creative on the football pitch. Touch, feel and manoeuvrability are at the heart of the design on the New Balance Tekela 1.0 football boots.


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