Amazing exercises and technique to take you through the badminton smash. bulutangkis

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Improve your smash or learn how to perform the smash by following the tips in this video. Learn to perform the smash from beginner to advanced!

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Exclusive content
Everyone regardless of their skill can practice the smash. If you are beginner you should be focusing a lot of the fundamental motorical aspects, such as the arm movement and the racket movement. This can be done just by throwing shuttles/balls and practicing this throwing movement using a racket, performing smashes. All the exercises in the video is getting gradually harder for each new one. Your job will be to master each one, and you will be able to perform the smash.

What makes an exercise harder?
In general the more the exercise is applicable to a match the harder it gets. All the basics should be learned with feeding and shadow/mirror play – then you move to feeding and very static exercises – at last we should be doing exercises that is used in a match. Etc. Practice the stroke in the beginning, then the footwork and then you should combine those things.

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