After dehydrating everything from apples, strawberries, fruit leather, and even beef, we determined that the LEM – 1152 is the best food dehydrator with its versatility and superior airflow design.

You can see more details in our review here:

Our picks for the best food dehydrator:
1. LEM – 1152:
2. Hamilton Beach – 32100A:
3. Excalibur – 3500W:
4. Presto – Dehydro 06301:
5. Nesco – FD-77DT:
6. L’Equip – Filter Pro:

When purchasing a food dehydrator, you should consider the dehydrator’s airflow, food capacity, control features, and the accessories with which it comes.

We tested how successfully each machine dried the food and how consistently it did so. We also tested the temperature accuracy and noise level of each machine and how well it dehydrated fruit leather, apples and jerky.

After testing, we found that the LEM -1152 was the best food dehydrator. You can see more details in our full review here: