Top 5 biggest football boot fails of 2018 – in today’s video, we take a look at the biggest football boots fails in 2018 that had a WTF effect on us and most of the football boots community. Some of the football boots on the Top 5 did really well at the beginning of the year, but shady durability ended up with us thinking ‘WTF is this’ as we had to put it on the fail list. In other words, a football boot launch doesn’t have to be a complete failure to make the list, but can simply a good football boot that let us down because we had high expectations. On the list we will have football boots such as the adidas Copa Mid GTX featuring Gore-Tex, there’s the PUMA FUTURE Suede 50 football boots which are actually sneakers on a football boot outsole, there’s the Nike Mercurial Vapor 12 Modric PE football boots that were released when Luka Modric won the FIFA The Best award which he then never wore. There’s also ugly football boots, which always hits a nerve with us, and finally the Under Armour Magnetico that is a great boot but simply ripped too easily – and THAT doesn’t sit well with a bunch of football boot nerds such as ourselves. In other words, if you want to rage over the biggest football boot fails in 2018, this is the video to watch.


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