Crazy women football skills. In this video we visit 3 professional footballers from the FC Bayern Munich women’s team and ask them to show us their best football skills and talk about the importance of having great football skills in the modern football. Melanie Leupolz, Lina Magull and Verena Schweers all play for FC Bayern aswell as the national team of Germany and they sure have some amazing football skills in their locker! Check out the full video now to see some awesome skill moves and get advice on what kind of skills you need to master in order to play like a pro footballer.

Learning awesome football skills is one of the most essential parts of becoming a professional footballer. Think about it: if you cant control the ball properly, chances are you cant make it to the professional level with all the competition in football. In this video you will get to hear what professional footballers believe are the best football skills for you to practice to take your game to the next level – and they also showcase some super awesome football skills that are mainly used for showing off to your friends and teammates.

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