Based on Frank Miller’s acclaimed graphic novel,this intense andvisually inventive two-part animated film tells the story of analternate future for Batman. Although the Dark Knight is retired fromcrime fighting,Gotham City still needs its hero. In part I,after thedeath of his protégé Jason Todd,billionaire industrialist Bruce Waynewas forced to retire from his Batman persona. Now,ten years later,Gotham City is overrun with crime and terrorized by a gang known as theMutants. When the 55-year-old Wayne finds out that former districtattorney Harvey Dent,also known as the villainous Two-Face,has goneinto hiding,he is driven to don the cape and cowl again to battle thecrime epidemic. After Batman rescues her,13-year-old Carrie Kelleydresses as Robin and helps the aging Batman prevail in a violentconflict with Dent and the Mutants.