Today’s Unisport World Tour episode takes Joltter & the team to Koh Panyee, a small fishing village in Thailand that has gained worldwide attention thanks to their amazing floating football pitch. Yes, we’re not joking – a FLOATING FOOTBALL PITCH! Built around 40 years ago by the local kids, the floating football pitch has become an iconic part of the village & there was no way Joltter would’ve missed Koh Panyee during the Unisport World Tour!
While in Koh Panyee, Joltter got to get a glimpse into the history & daily lives of the local people, meet a couple of the original players of Panyee FC, practice and play football with Panyee FC and, of course, enjoy the magical football sessions on the floating football pitch.
The floating pitch on Koh Panyee has to be one of the coolest football spots in the world – and our only piece of advice is this: if you plan on playing football there, make sure you know how to swim as you might have to jump in ocean after the ball… Other than that, check our episode about the home of Panyee FC & let us know where Joltter should go next!


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