How to juggle with your heels – learn football skills. In this football skills tutorial PWG teaches you how to juggle the ball with your heels. Heel juggling is a great skill that always amazes people, and even pro players like Diego Maradona have shown off this skill in training sessions! Mastering the heel juggling is quite difficult and requires tons of practice but if you follow the 3 simple steps in this video, you are on the right path to learning how to juggle the ball with your heels! Watch the full tutorial video now to learn awesome football skills that will impress all your friends and teammates – you dont want to miss this!

Learning how to juggle the ball with your heels can be difficult, but to help you master this amazing football skill PWG breaks it down to 3 simple steps. Step 1 is to find out your body mechanics and which side you want to juggle on. Start off by trying out which side feels more natural to you as it’s the basis of learning how to do heel juggles. Once you’ve decided your stronger side, Step 2 is all about practicing! Start by having the ball in your hand and one foot at a time, drop the ball down and heel it back in your hand. Repeat this with both feet to get comfortable with the heel touch as you need to master the basics before moving on to full heel juggling. Step 3 is all about adding more juggles into the mix, meaning that instead of only doing one heel juggle at a time, try to juggle the ball twice before catching it in your hand again. From there on, as your confidence grows, start challenging yourself in order to break your record day after day! For all the tips and trick on how to learn the heel juggling, make sure to watch the full football skills tutorial by PWG!

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