How to improve vision and awareness in football – learn football skills that you need to improve as a football player. In this video Joltter and PWG give you tips on how to improve your vision on the pitch. Having great vision is one of the most essential football skills anyone can have as it literally helps you see what’s happening on the pitch and where you should pass the ball next. Vision is one of those football skills that’s difficult to practice as it consists of so many different things, but if you watch the video and listen to the advice, we are sure you will learn how to improve your vision and become a better footballer!

To improve your vision, you want to focus on the two main aspects: vision/awareness as a technical thing happening with the ball and vision in terms of what to look at. To improve the technical side of vision, you always want to keep your head up and scan the pitch instead of staring at the ball at all times. When you’re dribbling with the ball, try to look slightly in front of the ball to see what’s happening in the immediate area next to you. In terms of what to focus on, try to pay attention to where your closest opponent is. You also want to know what’s happening with your teammate who has the ball: can you make yourself available for a pass or perhaps make a smart run that will free up space for your teammates? For all the tips and tricks on how to improve your vision, watch the full video now to learn one of the most essential football skills everyone needs to master!

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