How to nutmeg your friends – learn 3 football skills to give a humiliating panna to your friends! In this Q&A video Jay Mike and Joltter give you tips on how to nutmeg your friends. Panna football skills are especially great if you’re looking to humiliate and fool your friends as nutmegs are some of the most embarrassing moves in football! In this video we teach you 3 panna football skills you can practice and also go through some of the essentials you should know that will help you be more effective with handing out pannas and nutmegs to your friends! Watch the video now to learn awesome panna football skills and afterwards go out and practice everything you’ve learned!

The most important thing about panna and nutmeg football skills is to get your opponent to open his legs – which obviously gives you the space and opening you’re looking for! This usually happens when your opponent tries to reach for the ball, and you achieve that by trying to lure him to attack for the ball with clever combinations. In this video we teach you 3 football skills and combinations you can use to nutmeg your friends so pay close attention to the video!

In this Unisport Q&A #33 Jay Mike and Joltter give you tips on how you can learn to nutmeg your friends. Afterwards, we move on to many different topics that you guys have asked us in the comments – so watch the video now to hear our answers to your Q&A questions! For a chance to be featured in our next Q&A, leave your question in the comments below.

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