How to score more goals with Sergio Aguero. In this video we interview Sergio Aguero to find out how to score more goals and become an amazing striker. Sergio Aguero is one of the best strikers in the world and in this interview he shares some of his best pro tips on how to score more goals and become a deadly finisher in the box. Aguero talks to Jay Mike about growing up in Argentina and falling in love with goalscoring already at an early age and says that he still enjoys scoring amazing goals as much as he did when he was younger. Aguero also mentions that his style of play involves being in and around the box as much as possible – which makes a lot of sense as the high majority of goals in football are actually scored from inside the penalty box. The most important thing for a striker, according to Aguero, is of course training hard every single day and always being serious when scoring goals – even if it’s just a training session – and the most important attributes to become a great striker are having lots of speed and being well-positioned on the pitch. Aguero also reveals to Jay Mike that he has kept his PUMA football boots from many memorable matches, such as the legendary game between Manchester City and QPR where Aguero scored perhaps his most iconic goal ever. Watch the full Sergio Aguero interview now to find out how to score more goals and become a better striker – you cant afford to miss this!

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