How to analyse your performance and become a better football player. Learn how to make a football match analysis and what stats to focus on when analysing your football match. In this video Jay Mike and Joltter talk about match analysis and how to analyse your own performances on the pitch. The most important thing is that you film your football matches – otherwise it will be very difficult to create accurate stats based on your performance. Depending on your position, you want to focus on different types of stats that will give you a clue on how you performed in the match. The key stats are obviously different for goalkeepers and strikers and in this video we go through the most important football stats for each position. Watch the video now and learn how to improve your performance and become a better footballer by analysing your football matches!

In this video our WebTV hosts answer your questions in our Unisport Q&A episode 31. Amongst other topics, JayMike and Joltter talk about:
– How to make a match analysis and analyse your own performance in a football match?
– Who will Real Madrid sign in the summer?
– Does learning freestyle football skills make you a better football player?
– What is the best football gear that a young kid should buy?
– Which retired player in their prime would we like to still have playing now?
… and much much more!

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