Today, PWG will once again show you 5 simple football skills that will impress your friends. These 5 simple football skills might not look easy to pull off, but if you follow PWG’s simple instructions you will learn these 5 simple football skills in no time – and your friends will be really impressed! Watch this football skills video and see if you can pull these 5 simple football skills!

Street football is all about who has the most swag, who can pull off the coolest trick. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you win or loose if you’ve shown the coolest trick in a game; that can be even better. But how do learn the tricks that’ll impress your friends? Luckily, PWG is one of the world’s best football freestylers and knows more football skills than most people. And in this video, PWG shows 5 simple skills that will make you look like a pro! So if you want to know some new football skills that will set you apart when you are out playing street football then watch this video to learn 5 simple football skills.

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