3 amazing flick up football skills that will make you stand out on the football pitch. Learning flick ups is an essential football skill to have if you want to show off your football skill moves when you’re with friends or teammates having a kick-around on the pitch. A flick up is a simple way of lifting the ball up from the ground – and turning flick ups into more advanced football skills is the next step in becoming a football skills master. The flick ups in this episode are football skills that can be used no matter where you are, but they work extremely well if you want to stand out and impress your friends and teammates. Flick-ups might just be flashy skills you can do in the warm-up before training or before a game, but they are some of the most eye-catching, cool and easy football skills you can do. Watch this episode to learn how to do 3 amazing flick ups that will turn you into a football skills master!

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