Lionel Messi crossbar challenge – epic Messi football skills and football challenge. In this video we interview Lionel Messi and test his football skills by challenging him to a crossbar challenge. Lionel Messi is perhaps the greatest footballer of all time and today we put his amazing football skills to a serious test. Before the epic crossbar challenge, Lionel Messi sits down for an interview with Joltter and Messi reveals he is extremely competitive both on and off the football pitch – he hates losing. Messi also says in the interview that he nowadays sees himself more as a playmaker rather than a goal scorer as he likes to be in control of the ball as much as possible during his games with FC Barcelona. The rules of the Lionel Messi crossbar challenge are simple: Messi will try and hit the crossbar from the edge of the penalty box and we will count how many attempts he needs to hit the crossbar three times. Lionel Messi has an amazing shooting technique and has scored tons of amazing free kick goals – and in this video you will see how accurate Lionel Messi is when aiming for the crossbar! Watch the video right now to see amazing Lionel Messi football skills, the epic Messi crossbar challenge and of course our Lionel Messi interview – you dont want to miss this! Let’s see what Messi’s accuracy is really like.

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Lionel Messi, born in 1987 in Argentina, is a professional footballer who plays for FC Barcelona and Argentina national team. Messi is widely regarded as the greatest footballer of all time (GOAT) and has broken goal scoring records and won major trophies throughout his career. On the pitch, Lionel Messi is mainly known for his insane football skills and ball control, his vision and passing ability – and of course his insane instinct for scoring amazing goals. Messi holds many football world records and has won almost every major trophy in the world, besides winning the World Cup with Argentina. Lionel Messi is also famous for his rivalry with Cristiano Ronaldo as they’re both battling for being considered the best footballer in the world during this era. Lionel Messi VS Cristiano Ronaldo battle has been going on for over a decade and we believe they have both motivated each other to score even more goals year after year.

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