Today, PWG teaches you a trick that will make everyone look better than they are at football skills and if you think we’re messing about with the ease of this trick, then look at the football skills novice that PWG brought with him to really emphasise just how easy this trick really is; JayMike. Yes, so if you’re not sold in how easy this football skill really is then you need to see this video, which showcases that everyone can learn this freestyle trick.

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Football skills take a lot of time and practice – and some tricks are really hard to pull off. But PWG, Unisports own football skills master, always takes his time to show even the most dire football skills beginners that with some good advice they can pull off a couple of tricks that will impress even the hardest critics. And in this video, PWG teaches JayMike a trick that everyone should be able to pull off. Even people who know nothing about handling a football might be able to pull this trick off. So watch this video, if you want to know a football skill that will make you stand out – everywhere, anytime.

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