Learn Lionel Messi football skills – 3 football skills Lionel Messi does all the time. In this video Jay Mike will teach you 3 Lionel Messi football skills that the FC Barcelona superstar does in every match he plays. These Messi football skills are moves that Messi has mastered like no one else and if you can add them to your game, you’ll become a much better football player! Messi is the king of beating defenders in 1 vs 1 situations, and many times he uses these simple football skills shown in this video instead of trying to pull off flashy skill moves like elasticos or stepovers. Watch this video now to learn how to pull off Lionel Messi football skills – and then go out to the pitch to practice as much as you can!

The first Messi skill in the video is the shoulder drop, a classic Lionel Messi skill move that he does all the time. The shoulder drop is a great football skill for getting your defender off-balance and rushing out of his reach with lightning speed. The second skill is Lionel Messi’s incredible change of pace, meaning that he approaches the defender running at around 80% speed before quickly speeding up to his full speed, leaving the defender wondering what just happened. Lastly, Lionel Messi is the king of quick first steps which allows him to dribble through defenders while maintaining control of the ball. Watch the full video now and learn amazing Lionel Messi football skills that make him the greatest footballer of all time!

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