Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 interview and funny quickfire questions about Ronaldo’s physique, dribbling skills, World Cup 2018 and Ronaldo’s legacy. In this video we interview Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid & Portugal superstar footballer) about his incredible professional football career – and at the end of the interview, CR7 answers some funny quickfire questions. In the interview CR7 talks to Joltter about how he started his fitness and physique training as a young boy and later on in the interview admits his style of play has changed over the years from being a flashy, step over winger with lots of amazing football skills to nowadays being a more efficient, pure #9-style striker. He also talks about Portugal’s chances in World Cup 2018 and says that Portugal will go to the tournament to enjoy and compete. Finally, Ronaldo talks about his legacy and thinks that in the future, people will remember him as a ”killer player”. Watch our English interview with Cristiano Ronaldo right now to hear Ronaldo talk about World Cup 2018 and his legacy – and make sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos like this one!


Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese footballer who’s commonly regarded as one of the greatest professional footballers of all time. Ronaldo has won numerous trophies during his football career in both Manchester United and Real Madrid aswell as with his national team Portugal. To name just a few of CR7’s awards, Cristiano Ronaldo is a five-time Ballon d’Or winner, five-time UEFA Champions League winner and five-time national league champion – three times with Manchester United and twice with Real Madrid. Cristiano Ronaldo also won the European Championship with Portugal in 2016 and has broken hundreds of goal scoring records during his amazing professional football career. Ronaldo is also known for his amazing football skills and tricks that fans have been enjoying for years and many of his incredible football skill moves are being copied by thousands of kids around the world. Ronaldo is currently in Russia at the World Cup 2018 with Portugal where in their first group stage match against Spain CR7 scored a hattrick – including an insane, trademark CR7 knuckleball free kick in the last minutes of the game. Lets see how far Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo can go in the World Cup 2018 Russia!

In this video our WebTV host Joltter gets to sit down for an interview with Cristiano Ronaldo. Funnily enough, in the video we see that Ronaldo actually remembers Joltter from their previous interview back in 2016. After a short introduction and a cool handshake with CR7, Joltter wants to hear more about Ronaldo’s amazing physique and what motivated Cristiano Ronaldo to completely transform his body to become an absolute beast of an athlete. Ronaldo goes on to reply that he started his fitness training with a special training program and as he started seeing results, he got even more motivated to keep on working on his fitness. Ronaldo also mentions that being srong is extremely important in the top-level football as you get tackled a lot and play against some of the greatest defenders in the world. The next question from Joltter was about Cristiano Ronaldo’s style of play and his transformation from being a winger in his younger days to nowadays being more of a pure striker. Joltter wanted to know if this transformation, and not showcasing so many football skills anymore, has been a conscious decision from CR7 – to which Ronaldo goes on to say that as you become older, you need to change some things in your game. Ronaldo explains that he’s still able to dribble and show crazy football skills in matches, but a few years ago he realized that the most important thing in football is to win the game, help the team and score goals. Ronaldo also talks about his expectations for team Portugal in the 2018 World Cup Russia. According to CR7, Portugal are not the favorites of the tornament and the plan for team Portugal in World Cup 2018 is to go there to compete and enjoy. He thinks teams like Spain, Brazil, Germany and Argentina are bigger favorites in World Cup 2018, but Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo will of course do all they can to win every game. Lastly, Joltter asks Ronaldo if he ever thinks about how people will remember Cristiano Ronaldo 20 years from now. Ronaldo answers confidently that his legacy will be great since has done and achieved great things during his football career.

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