Nike Tiempo Legend 7 review & play test is our latest football boot review where JayMike takes the new Tiempo Legend 7 out for a test. In this Tiempo Legend 7 review we find out what the new 2017 Tiempo Legend is all about, how it performs, how it feels like and much more – so make sure to tune in to our Nike Tiempo Legend 7 review & play test right now!

In this video we review the brand new Nike Tiempo Legend 7 that takes over from the Tiempo Legend 6. Is the Tiempo Legend 7 better than the Legend 6 and what are the main differences? How is the fit on the Tiempo Legend 7? In this video we answer common questions about the Tiempo Legend 7 while of course giving you a full, in-depth review on how the boots performs!

Nike Tiempo Legend 7 is worn by professional footballers such as Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid) and Jerome Boateng (FC Bayern Munich). The Legend 7 features Nike’s Flyknit technology both on the tongue and on the heel. The Flyknit is combined with a soft Kangaroo leather upper that sits on top of a foam skeleton and all of the above is meant to make the Tiempo Legend 7 the most comfortable football boot of 2017.

Watch our Nike Tiempo Legend 7 review & play test now to learn everything and more about the new 2017 Tiempo Legend!

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