In the fall of 2018, Lukas Graham collaborated with 20 street paper vendors from Hus Forbi to record this live version of ‘You’re Not The Only One (Redemption Song)’. Hus Forbi supports people who are homeless or socially vulnerable by running a street newspaper for them to sell. 
In support of their cause, Lukas Graham is releasing a 7” live version of the song, sold exclusively by Hus Forbi vendors. All proceeds from this sale go directly to the vendor from whom the vinyl is purchased.

Director: Ian Isak
Cinematographers: Joao Botelho & Ian Isak
Gaffer: Morten Boserup, Trust Rental
Tue Kujahn: Production assistent & best boy
Editor: Ian Isak
Colorgrading: Christian Schwanenflügel

Produced by Søren Balsner 
Caroline Olsen, Violin
Kasper Hedegreen, Trumpet
Dannie Glenn Dybro, Guitar
Ravn Corvux, Guitar
Idunn Gorham Kristensen, Percussion
Bjørn Egede, Harmonica 
Mark Falgreen, Drums
Magnus Larsson, Bass 
Will Herrington, Piano
Lukas Forchhammer, Vocals 
Lars, vendor 1065
Daniel, vendor 639
Simon, vendor 1988
Jens, vendor 831
Pernille, vendor 1712
Robert, vendor 2044
Jensine, vendor 716
Steen, vendor 1451
Hwilmand, vendor 1719
Lene, vendor 1939
Bo, vendor 476
Philip, vendor 142
Gerth, vendor 26
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