“””Walmart has one of the largest collections of data in the world, processing more than 2.5 petabytes of big data, hourly. In fact, while you’re reading this sentence, we just processed half a trillion rows of data, performed calculations and are rendering that data visually. We’ve integrated hundreds of internal and external data objects into our analytics – meaning we can layer in things like weather product sales status, pricing, inventory and a lot more – all to anticipate our more than 250 million weekly customers’ needs. What once took days or weeks now takes minutes. Our Statistical Analysts, Data Engineers and Advanced Database Administrators (in areas such as Cassandra, HANA, Altryx, Angular, Python and Hadoop) are impacting the industry on a scale like no other. Do you #LoveData and the idea of impacting millions with your work? As our data continues to grow exponentially, the potential for advanced analytics and data science opportunities are endless.