PUMA FUTURE NETFIT GRIEZMANN play test with Antoine Griezmann. In this PUMA Future Grizi Edition play test video we are trying out and testing the new football boots of Antoine Griezmann, and Joltter also gets to meet Griezmann to talk about the brand new PUMA Future Grizi limited edition football boots. This PUMA Future play test with Antoine Griezmann shows footage of Joltter on the pitch pulling off football skills and shooting free kicks with the new Griezmann boots and Joltter sitting down on an interview with Antoine Griezmann to talk about his new limited edition, signature PUMA Future football boots – aswell as hearing Griezmann’s thoughts about modern football boots in general. Make sure to watch this PUMA Future Netfit play test video featuring Antoine Griezmann right now to see the new boots on the pitch!

PUMA Future Netfit Griezmann edition is a limited edition version of the PUMA Future football boots. The new 2017 signature boot of Antoine Griezmann features many interesting details that were personally requested by Antoine Griezmann. On the upper of the boot PUMA used a custom made camouflage print to showcase areas that mean a lot to Antoine Griezmann, and the heel print features lots of nicknames Griezmann has gathered over the years. The pull tab also features the new logo of Antoine Griezmann, and the last detail is the wild cat’s eye featured on the boots to showcase the hunter instinct Griezmann has on the pitch! This PUMA Future is built to the exact specifications of Antoine Griezmann and it’s definitely one of the best looking football boots of 2017!

PUMA Future Netfit Antoine Griezmann boots of course also feature PUMA’s famous Netfit technlogoy. Netfit allows you to lace up your football boots however you like – so you can basically customize the fit, performance and looks of your PUMA Future boots according to your wishes! In this play test video with Antoine Griezmann Joltter talks more about the Netfit technology while pulling off crazy football skills on the pitch, and we even hear how Antoine Griezmann likes to lace up his Netfit football boots! Watch this play test video right now to see some crazy football skills aswell as hear more about the new Griezmann boots.

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