Pandora has produced its unique jewellery for 30 years. Every charm has a meaning: Whether it is to celebrate a colour or pattern, or to pay homage to a country, event, landmark or even person, each charm tells your personal story because you choose it.

Charms can be worn on bracelets, necklaces and earrings to tell your story and match your style – no matter what time of day, or night it is. The charms can be added or removed as often as wanted to keep the style fresh and to fit your mood.

Pandora charms come in all types of styles, colours and patterns. Our collection has grown over the years to include clip charms, dangle charms, split charms, spacers, flat clip charms and safety chains. Our designers are constantly looking for new ways to expand the charms universe with new and beautiful designs.

Follow the journey of a charm from the initial idea and drawing in Copenhagen, Denmark to the end result, crafted at our own facilities in Thailand. Each piece is hand-finished.