You probably already practice arpeggios, but chances are you can do it as a better Scale exercise than what you are doing now, and that is what I want to talk about in this video. Jazz Scale Exercises should be about giving you the material you can use in your solos and help you know and play the different arpeggios and melodies found in the scale.

When you improvise in Jazz then the lines or melodies that you play are related to the chords you are playing over and the solo follows the chord progression it is played over. One easy way to do this is to use the arpeggios of each chord.

You can use the arpeggio of the chord you are playing over, but in fact, there are more options than this and the exercise in this lesson will help you tie all of that together in one exercise.

00 Intro
13 Arpeggios!
52 Improve How you Practice – Tie It All Together
1:38 How to Use This and Improve your solos
1:54 The Scale
2:01 The Diatonic Arpeggios in the Scale
2:20 A few thoughts about Scale Fingerings Systems
2:42 Know what you are playing.
3:39 #1 Making Music with the material from this exercise
3:55 #2 Add some chromatic notes
4:21 Examples #1 and #2 Slow
4:30 Adding a bit of Bebop Rhythm
5:12 #3 Bebop Arpeggio Lick
5:33 #4 Bebop Arpeggio Lick
5:54 Examples #3 and #4 Slow
6:03 Do you work like this with connecting Scales and Arpeggios
6:11 Finding more Arpeggios that work on a chord.
6:30 Why an Arpeggio works Over a Chord
7:04 Constructing another arpeggio and adding a 9th
7:47 Taking this concept through a few chords
8:11 #5 Using The Em7 arpeggio
8:35 #6 Using The Em7 arpeggio
8:57 Examples #5 and #6 Slow
9:06 Finding more options for a II V I.
9:46 Basic Bebop II V I with this idea
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