Winger football skills – learn a great skill move that makes you a better winger and helps you beat your defender! In this video Joltter teaches you awesome football skills that are especially effective for wingers and attackers playing close to the sideline. This Inside Elastico football skill is meant to help you surprise the defender and catch him off-guard in a split second of time – which in turn should help you create more space for yourself while moving the game forward. The football skill itself doesn’t really have an official name, but for the sake of it, we will call it Inside Elastico from a first touch. Watch the full winger skill tutorial now to get all of Joltter’s tips and tricks on how to learn and master this awesome 1 vs 1 skill!

In this video Joltter gives you a step-by-step tutorial on how to master a demanding football skill move that’s specifically great for wingers and attackers. The skill move itself is best performed close to the sideline immediately with your first touch as you receive the ball – and to get all the insider tips on how to learn this awesome football skill, watch the full tutorial now, you wont regret it!

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