You need to learn these 5 CR7 football skills.

Today, PWG goes on the pitch to teach you the 5 cr7 football skills that you can use in a game.

Although he has been around for what he seems like a lifetime, he’s definitely going strong. Sealing his second Champions League title in May, where he scored twice, CR7 has established himself as a legend in his own time. But what makes him so great? Maybe less than before, but his ability to beat his direct opponent is unrivalled in modern day football.

So, which football skills have made CR7 such a unique specimen in football? Being one of the best football freestylers in the world, PWG is well equipped in the realm of choosing which CR7 football skills are the coolest.

So, if you want to learn the football skills that make CR7 one of the greatest footballers ever watch this video.

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