Top 5 football sock hacks – how can you optimise your football sock game? Today, JayMike will give you his five best life hacks for your football socks, so you can get the best fit and get the most out of your football socks in order to look and feel good. A lot of football players prefer their football socks in a very specific way, and today we will tech you how to wear your socks in different ways to give you the perfect fit you want. That means that we’ll teach you the Dybala football sock trick, we’ll teach you how to wear football socks like a pro by cutting up the football sock and also we’ll give you some tips on why you should use Premier Sock Tape wrap instead of normal football sock tape in order not to mess up your football socks.


Also in todays video, you can hear how JayMike will tell you his best life hacks for football socks and how you can use these clever hacks or tips to improve your football sock game. For instance, a little know football sock life hack is to get a long football sock and go down a full size in order for it to stay above your knee in order to constantly having to pull your football sock back up. So with all the football sock life hacks on show here, your football sock game will be next level.

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