Top 5 gear for attackers – must have football gear for attackers and strikers. In today’s Top 5 video, we will give you an idea about the 5 pieces of football gear that you need to have as an attacking player, which will make you feel better and help you focus on playing your game and improving as a football player. Showing what you should have in your football bag, JayMike will give you 5 examples of football gear that every attacking player should own, all the way from a good pair of lightweight football boots, thin and minimal shin pads, ankle protection such as the Nike Hyperstrong ankle guards, a GPS vest tracking your physical performance, free kick mannequins to improve your accuracy and goal scoring threat and finally, a good pair of grip socks like the FALKE 4 GRIP or NikeGRIP. All items on our latest Top 5 gear for attackers list, where we’ll show you what gear you need in your bag and which is must have football gear if you’re an attacker or striker.


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