In this video we learn all about constellations for kids. At night we can see thousands of stars and scientists long ago figured out that the stars line up in recognizable patterns. The patterns form shapes of people, animals, and mythological beings. Early astronomers called these special patterns constellations. Each star in the pattern has a name and is connected to form a different constellation. It is almost like a “connect-the-dots” picture, but instead of using numbers and dots, the twinkling stars are connected to form the special patterns. You have have heard of the Big Dipper, Orions Belt, or Aries, but these are only a few of the constellations there are many more!

Many constellations have their roots in myths. A myth is an ancient story about many different things. Constellation myths are usually stories about gods, heroes and creatures such
as serpents, dragons, flying horses and more. The images related to these myths are formed using connected stars. The Greeks and Romans created the stories for constellations.

In addition to the constellation myths, there are ancient and modern uses of constellations:
1. They helped ancient farmers know when to plant and harvest crops. Constellations can be used as a calendar in the sky.
2. Travelers use them to navigate from one place to another, relying on different stars to guide them on journeys throughout the world.
3. Modern astronomers and star gazers use them to help keep track of specific stars in the sky.
4. Astronomers use them to locate other objects in the sky such as galaxies or nebulae, which are areas where gas and dust are cluttered

We hope you and your kids enjoyed our constellation video and are able to identify some of the major constellations when you look up at the stars at night. If you’d like even more resources and constellation activities…download our free lesson plan here:

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