In which Craig Benzine breaks down the different types of bureaucracies. I mean sure, they’re all part of the executive branch, but some work more directly with the President than others. Some bureaucracies exist solely to independently regulate industry whereas others are expected to operate like corporations and make a profit. And on top of all that, some of these agencies have sub-agencies! It can all get pretty complicated, so we’ll try to discuss some of the most significant agencies out there and the ones you hear a lot about on the news. We’ll talk about how they seem to have steadily gained more and more power, and of course, we’ll talk about what all the agencies are for in the first place!

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Introduction: Types of Bureaucracies 00:00
Executive Departments 0:41
Sub-agencies of Executive Departments 1:21
Independent Agencies 1:30
Independent Regulatory Commissions 1:45
Government Corporations 2:08
Functions of government bureaucracies 2:22
Where do bureaucracies get their power? 4:16
Credits 5:24

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