Learn football skills and learn how to score more goals with this amazing but difficult skill move. Improve your technique and play football like a pro with this football skill that the best football players in the world constantly use. In this video Joltter teaches you the one step run-up, an essential football skill move you can use to create space for yourself to either score a goal or get a cross in the box. The one step run-up is all about trying to get a small advantage over your opponent and the defender in front of you and create that little extra space for you to get a shot off fast and effectively. This is one of those football skills that takes a long time to truly master and learn, but if you practice hard like the best players have done, sooner or later the one step run-up will become a part of your football skill arsenal. At the highest level of football, there’s simply no time for extra touches on the pitch as the defenders will be close to you at all times, and learning how to shoot the ball fast and with a short run-up makes a huge difference when playing against tough defenders. This is a football skill move you must learn if you are looking to become a top level footballer. Watch the tutorial video now and learn the football skill that will make you a better footballer! Remember to also leave a comment and tell us what kind of football skills would you like to learn next on our channel.

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