Mario Balotelli penalty tips and best boot hacks. In this Mario Balotelli interview we talk to the Italian striker about his new PUMA Attack Pack football boots, ask him about his favorite football boot hacks and also get his advice on how to take a penalty like a pro. Mario Balotelli is known all around the world and in this interview with the OGC Nice striker we get to hear the best football boot hacks that professional footballers such as Mario Balotelli do to their football boots. Mario Balotelli reveals in the interview that his best football boot hack is the hot water trick to make sure his wide feet are comfortable in his PUMA Attack Pack football boots. During the interview we also show Balotelli some football boots from the past and get his honest reaction on those specific colorways – and spoiler alert: his opinions might shock you! We finish the interview by asking Mario Balotelli how to take a penalty kick and stay focused when you’re about to shoot a penalty. Watch the full interview video with Mario Balotelli now to see what went down when we sat down for an interview with Mario Balotelli!

In this video both Mario Balotelli and Joltter wear new 2018 boots from the PUMA Attack Pack which is a limited edition pack that will be worn on the pitch only by the best strikers PUMA have on their line up. PUMA Attack Pack features PUMA One 1 in leather and synthetic and of course PUMA Future 2.1 – and Balotelli wears the PUMA One 1 Leather from the Attack Pack. Watch the full interview now to learn more about Mario Balotelli and get tips on the best 2018 boot hacks aswell as advice on how to take a penalty kick like a pro!

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