How we made our own football boots. In this documentary video we show you the whole process of making our own football boots and how football boots are designed and made from sketches to final product. The football boots we designed are called the Unisport x PUMA Copenhagen City Pack and the collection includes three different PUMA football boots: PUMA ONE 1 Leather, PUMA Future 2.1 and PUMA Netfit Lite street football shoes. Tune in to this documentary now to learn how football boots are designed and made from start to finish!


In this video we show you the full process of creating football boots – which is a long but rewarding project. As seen in this documentary, for us the process started in a small meeting room in Copenhagen where we sat down for an open discussion on what our own football boots would be like: what the colors would be, what kind of design elements they would feature and what would be the red line for the collection we now know as Unisport x PUMA Copenhagen City Pack. Once we got the first ideas locked in place we travelled over to the PUMA headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany. The purpose for the visit was to have a design meeting with the PUMA Football Product Line Managers and sit down with a graphics designer called Con O’Brien who would transform our ideas and designs into an actual 2D model of our own football boots. The day at the PUMA headquarters was a long one as we had to choose every little detail on our boots: what kind of design elements the upper would have, what kind of a finish the heel area should feature – and much more. After that, we waited a few months to see the first samples of our football boots. When creating football boots, samples are made to actually see how the different design elements work on football boots – and for us seeing the first samples was a huge moment as it was the first time our own football boots were in a physical form! After seeing the samples, we gave the last feedback to the PUMA team on what the final changes should be – and the last step for us was to set up the launch event for the Unisport x PUMA Copenhagen City Pack football boots. Make sure to watch the full documentary now to learn how to make football boots – you dont want to miss this!

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