How to save a penalty – Manuel Neuer goalkeeper skill tutorial. In this video professional goalkeeper Manuel Neuer gives us tips on how to save a penalty and how to stop the attacker from scoring a goal from the penalty spot. In modern football, penalties are a huge part of the game and being able to save a penalty is one of the essential goalkeeper skills to work on if you want to help your team and be a hero. Watch this interview with Manuel Neuer to find out all of his tips and tricks on how to save a penalty – if you are a goalkeeper, you can’t afford to miss this! Make sure to also share the video with your goalkeeper friends to help them become better at saving penalties in football matches.

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Manuel Neuer is a professional goalkeeper for Germany and FC Bayern Munich and is commonly regarded as one of the best goalkeeper of all time. In this video Manuel Neuer gives tips and his advice on how you can become better at saving penalties and ultimately become a better goalkeeper. Manuel Neuer has saved tons of penalties during his long professional career from players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Mesut Ozil and Robert Lewandowski so make sure to pay close attention to hear his tips on how to save a penalty like a pro goalkeeper!

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